Our mission is to provide students, directly or through teacher training, with meaningful and profound extra-curricular or co-curricular learning programs and experiences. Educational experts agree that students can be enriched personally, academically, and gain a stronger command of the English language as well as strengthening connections to their courses of study.

It is our belief that students can achieve some of their most formidable life-changing moments through the challenge of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. It is our goal to provide these confidence-building and life-changing experiences to students through the pursuit of excellence in these activities!

Parables for a Season by Tess Onmueme - World Premier - Khartoum, Sudan 2007
Directed by Mark Webber

  • Bachelor of Arts Teaching

  • Theatre Arts, Public Speaking, Debate

  • Sam Houston State University

  • 11 years teaching in the USA, 11 years international teaching and Fine Arts Administration

  • English Speaking Union (ESU) – Mexico (Board of Directors)
    2010 - Current.

  • Founder of the Mexican Debating circuit
    2010 - Current.

  • Coach of ESU International Public Speaking
    Contest 2014 - 2nd place Worldwide.

  • Coach of Team Mexico for World Schools’ Debating Championships:
    2011, 16th place and 5th Best ESL Speaker.
    2012, 9th, 13th and 15th Best ESL Speaker.
    2013, 7th place, 1st and 5th Best ESL Speaker.
    2014, 21st place, 13th and 16th Best ESL Speakers.
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